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PR in Action: Case Studies

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Check out PR in action to see the positive outcomes we've delivered for our clients

In this blog post, we step into the real-world arena of Public Relations (PR) and explore how purpose-led organisations and SMEs have harnessed PR to drive positive change, growth, and lasting impact. These case studies provide concrete examples of how effective PR strategies can transform businesses and elevate their missions, brought to life by Raise Communications.

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Case Study 1: Simply Pure - Spirits and Sustainability

Raise Communications launched a media relations campaign for Simply Pure, a Tauranga-based boutique distillery, to raise awareness about its commitment to conservation and its award-winning Black Robin Rare Gin. The campaign aimed to highlight the brand's support for the Eastern Whio Link conservation project and its alignment with its sustainability and wildlife protection commitment.

Media coverage appeared in the NZ Herald Canvas Magazine, the Bay of Plenty Times, the Gisborne Herald and many other media outlets, reaching 1.4 million readers. The campaign achieved its initial goals and enhanced the brand's reputation as a sustainability champion, helping foster loyalty and attract new customers.

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Case Study 2: Cancer Society Auckland - Tackling Youth Vaping

The Cancer Society Auckland addressed a pressing issue in New Zealand – the rise of youth vaping. Raise Communications played a pivotal role in this awareness campaign, leveraging its expertise to identify young individuals with vaping experiences and their caregivers. Through strategic media articles, Raise Communications and the Cancer Society amplified the voices of these individuals, adding urgency to the call for action.

The campaign's impact was felt at the highest levels of government, putting pressure on the Ministry of Health to acknowledge and address the youth vaping problem through regulatory amendments. This case study showcases how PR, when executed strategically, can influence policy changes and draw attention to critical societal issues.

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Case Study 3: New Zealand Careers Expo - Adapting to Change

The New Zealand Careers Expo, a longstanding event in the country, faced challenges after the disruptions caused by Covid-19. Raise Communications stepped in to develop an integrated communication strategy aimed at attracting new registrations and exhibitors for the 2023 expos. Leveraging paid content, ads, social media, and newsletters, the campaign created a buzz around the expo's benefits to employers, tertiary providers, training institutions, industry representatives, government departments, and corporates.

A strategic partnership with further amplified the expo's message, increasing awareness and registrations for the expos. This case study highlights the versatility of PR in adapting to challenges and driving success for events and organisations in a rapidly changing landscape.


These case studies illustrate the transformative power of PR for purpose-led organisations and SMEs. Through strategic PR and communications campaigns, Raise Communications has helped achieve their immediate goals and contributed to their long-term success by enhancing reputation, driving policy change, and fostering community engagement.

The PR world is dynamic and ever-evolving, presenting opportunities for businesses and organisations to make a real impact. If these success stories inspire you and want to explore how Raise Communications can assist your business or organisation in achieving similar positive outcomes, we invite you to contact our team. We can tailor a PR and communications strategy that aligns with your goals, values, and vision.

Your story is waiting to be told, and we're here to help you tell it in a way that resonates with your audience, creates a lasting impression, and drives meaningful results.

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