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PR Services


PR Toolbox

The PR Toolbox is a step-by-step DIY guide to mastering PR and getting featured in the media. It draws on over two decades of PR experience, offering expert insights to help you confidently navigate the world of media relations.


PR Packages

Our range of PR packages are tailored to meet your specific requirements, duration, and budget. Whether you're looking to kickstart your PR journey or maintain a consistent profile we have a solution for you.


PR & Comms Roadmap

A customised 6-month PR and Comms strategy aligned with your objectives. We define your purpose, craft your messages, develop a strategic approach to meet your goals, and create a media and content calendar. 


PR Insight Session

Experience a one-on-one session with our experienced PR experts. Access hands-on support to tackle challenges and gain valuable insights. Harness our industry knowledge to refine your PR and comms strategies.


PR Retainer

Build and sustain your profile with our ongoing PR retainer. We will generate regular stories and carry out monthly PR pitches to ensure a steady stream of media coverage.  Commit to a minimum 6-month period for sustained impact.


Custom PR Campaign

We can tailor a PR solution to meet your unique requirements. Our team will design a campaign aligned with your specific PR needs. Ensuring a bespoke approach for maximum impact and results.

Content Services



We love crafting copy to bring your story to life. Our expert wordsmiths ensure your tone of voice and messaging hit the spot, providing a powerful impact. We create engaging content that connects with your audience and effectively communicates your messages.


Social Media

Social Media
Enhance your social media presence. From content planning and visual asset creation to compelling copywriting, scheduling, community management, and reporting, we ensure impactful engagement and measurable success.


Newsletters & Blogs

We deliver impactful and engaging newsletter and blog content. Ideal for businesses and organisations looking for a professional online presence. We offer an end-to-end solution including content planning, copywriting, design, distribution and reporting.


Custom Campaign  

Tailor your content strategy with a bespoke campaign or retainer. Work with our team to receive a unique approach that aligns with your brand objectives, ensuring consistent, high-quality content tailored to your specific needs.

Additional Services


Sponsored Content

Also known as advertorial or native advertising, this option provides control over messaging and timing. Ideal for ensuring visibility for stories that might not easily find space in traditional editorial channels. Secure a media platform for your brand or organisation's unique voice.


Influencer Campaigns

We engage social media influencers and creators to produce authentic content that promotes your product or initiative and harnesses their following. Our tailored recommendations consider your goals, target audience, and budget, ensuring impactful messages that resonate. 


Advocacy Campaigns

Educate and raise awareness about your cause through strategic PR, communication, and engagement with officials, interest groups, and the public. Leverage tools like petitions, lobbying, and fundraising for impactful results. 


Media Promotions

Media promotions showcase your brand with agreed messaging and assets. This engaging strategy offers an immersive experience, allowing your audience to connect and interact with your product or offer across diverse channels, such as TV, radio, print, online, or events.


Stakeholder Relations

We identify, organise, and improve relationships crucial to your business or organisation. From planning to execution, we align with your strategic objectives, ensuring lasting impact. Let our team assist you in fostering effective stakeholder engagement for sustained success.

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