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Product Description: PR Toolbox - The Ultimate DIY Kit for PR Success

Super-charge your PR game with the PR Toolbox, an essential digital resource created by Raise Communications. Designed for SMEs, entrepreneurs, purpose-led organisations, and anyone who wants to learn vauable PR skills - this comprehensive toolkit empowers you to take control of your PR and secure postive media coverage.


What's Included:


Step-by-Step Guides: From crafting newsworthy stories to mastering media outreach, each module offers expert insights and practical tips to guide you through every stage of your PR journey.


Media Release Template: A tried-and-tested template to assit you with the process of writing an attention-grabbing media release.


Visual Assets: Advice for creating compelling visuals to ensure your stories grab attention and resonate visually with your audience.


Media Pitch Email Templates: Ready-to-use email templates to guide you in reaching out to journalists confidently, increasing your chances of securing media coverage and interviews.


Case Studies: Real-world examples provide inspiration and actionable insights, helping you apply PR strategies effectively to your own brand or organisation.




Do-It-Yoursef: Take control of your own PR with expert guidance and resources at your fingertips.


Cost-Effective: Priced at just $475, the PR Toolbox offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional PR services.


Learning Opportunity: Acquire valuable PR skills and knowledge to enhance your business or organisation's communication efforts.


Positive Media Coverage: Enhance your credibility, visibility, and engagement with positive media coverage, amplifying your brand or organisation's impact and reach.


Unlock the power of storytelling with the PR Toolbox. Start your journey to PR success today!


Note: This product is a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive instant access to the PR Toolbox materials.

PR Toolbox: The DIY Kit for PR Success

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