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Beaufort Watches

Showroom launch announcement for Kiwi watch brand Beaufort

In an exciting milestone for Beaufort, an up-and-coming Kiwi watch brand, Raise Communications helped announce the launch of its first showroom. Our media relations campaign brought attention to Beaufort's exceptional timepieces and the vision of its founder, Robert Kwok, spotlighting the success of Beaufort's showroom launch.


The aim was to amplify Beaufort's presence within New Zealand, focusing on generating awareness and interest for the opening of its Auckland showroom. Raise Communications set out to position Beaufort as a local brand with global appeal, highlighting its unique offering and the inspiring journey of founder Robert Kwok. Our plan was clear – secure substantial media coverage, attract fashion influencers, and create a buzz across diverse media outlets.


Raise Communications crafted a media release to announce the showroom launch, accompanied by a biography highlighting Robert Kwok's unique business journey. Our strategy included extending invitations to media and influencers for the showroom launch event and pitching stories to fashion, retail, and news media. By showcasing Beaufort's global success and commitment to Kiwi heritage, we intended to secure media coverage that resonated with a broad audience.


The media relations campaign achieved numerous pieces of media coverage, with a standout full-page feature in the New Zealand Herald, along with coverage in business, retail, and fashion articles. The event was attended by fashion bloggers and stylists, adding credibility to the arrival of Beaufort's first brick-and-mortar store. The cumulative reach, exceeding 2.9 million opportunities, amplified Beaufort's story, showcasing its timepieces and newly opened Auckland showroom.

With support from Raise Communications, Beaufort celebrated a significant moment in its journey, successfully introducing its Auckland showroom to the country. As Beaufort continues to make waves, this success story underscores the impact of PR in reaching a wider audience and propelling the brand to newfound heights.

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