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Lisa's Pesto Dip

Summer launch of Lisa's new product range


Lisa’s Hummus was expanding their offering by a launching a new pesto dip range just in time for summer. They wanted to drive growth in the popular pesto dip segment and appeal to consumers looking for easy meal inspiration.


We carried out a media relations and influencer campaign to raise awareness about the new range, and leverage Lisa’s dominant position in the dip category. We ensured the content generated showed that Lisa’s Pesto Dips are perfect to create a host of easy yet versatile  food options packed full of flavour and fresh ingredients.


Media coverage featuring key messages and product imagery appeared in lifestyle, women’s, parenting and news media with a reach of  4.5 million. In addition, nine social media influencers created compelling content with mouth-watering recipes to inspire 270,000 potential consumers. 

Raise Communications' media relations and influencer programme was carried out as part of a wider marketing campaign led by the Good Gravy marketing agency.

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