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New Zealand Careers Expo

Reaching a new audience of exhibitors for the longstanding expos


The NZ Careers Expo is the longest-standing careers expo in New Zealand, running for over 30 years and recently expanding to seven physical venues across the country. Following significant disruption to the expos caused by Covid-19 restrictions, NZ Careers Expo wanted to build its base of exhibitors and attract new registrations for the events.


Raise Communications developed an integrated comms strategy featuring paid content and ads on NZ’s most widely read business and news site, social media and a newsletter campaign.

A paid partnership was arranged with, creating a series of topical editorial articles highlighting the expo benefits of to their audience of employers, tertiary providers, training institutions, industry representatives, government departments and corporates. The stories leveraged themes such as tackling the labour shortage, the changing world of work and connecting with the next generation of workers.

The articles were featured in the Stuff business section and in a dedicated NZ Careers Expo online hub. The content was supported by editorial drivers and ads across the Stuff site, and a strong call to action was present across all elements, promoting people to register for the expos.

To further leverage the Stuff partnership, a Mailchimp newsletter campaign and social media posts directed people to the articles and encouraged them to register for the expos.


The collaboration with generated significant traction, garnering over 2 million impressions and driving 2,000+ new visitors to the NZ Careers Expo website. This increased exposure successfully attracted exhibitors from various sectors, bolstering the event's long-term viability.

Additionally, the newsletter and LinkedIn campaigns effectively re-engaged previous exhibitors, fostering continuity within the expo community. Overall, Raise Communications' integrated approach expanded the expo's reach and strengthened connections with stakeholders, ensuring sustained growth.

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