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PR campaign to help PREKURE pioneer preventative health

In an ongoing partnership with PREKURE, Raise Communications has driven a PR campaign focused on the transformative vision of preventative healthcare. This case study outlines the approach taken to generate awareness for PREKURE's Future of Medicine Conference and position its founders and health coaches as leaders in preventative lifestyle medicine.


The ongoing PR campaign aimed to raise awareness about PREKURE's commitment to preventative health through its Future of Medicine Conference. The campaign sought to establish Professor Grant Schofield and Dr Louise Schofield, along with PREKURE’s health coaches, as authoritative voices in the field, establishing a perception of them as leading advocates for preventative lifestyle medicine.


Raise Communications executed a multifaceted strategy. The campaign generated awareness and interest in the Future of Medicine Conference through health, news, and lifestyle media coverage. Additionally, media interviews were arranged with the founders and health coaches, showcasing their expertise and leadership in preventative medicine. Educational articles were crafted to emphasise the benefits of having a health coach and offer preventative lifestyle health tips strategically placed in reputable media outlets such as Stuff’s House of Wellness and the NZME regional newspapers.


The results achieved speak volumes about the campaign's success. Raise Communications helped put PREKURE into the spotlight with over 25 media hits to date across news, health, and lifestyle platforms, including prominent outlets like, The New Zealand Herald, Radio New Zealand, NZ Listener Magazine, Business Desk, The Journal of Natural Health and Capsule. The campaign not only raised awareness about the Future of Medicine Conference but also elevated the profiles of the founders and health coaches. The diverse media coverage reached a broad audience, aiding the conference's success and reinforcing PREKURE's mission.

Raise Communications continues to support PREKURE to drive the narrative of preventative lifestyle medicine. This case study highlights how Raise Communications has helped PREKURE create a narrative that resonates and positions PREKURE as a leader shaping the future of health and wellness.

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