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Simply Pure

Spirits and sustainability - how Simply Pure's story made headlines

Raise Communications embarked on a proactive media relations campaign for Simply Pure, a boutique distillery based in Tauranga. The campaign aimed to create public awareness about the brand's products, recent achievements, and its sustainability mission


The mission of this campaign was two-fold:

  1. To raise awareness about Simply Pure's commitment to conservation, particularly their support for the Eastern Whio Link conservation project.

  2. To highlight the award-winning status of Black Robin Rare Gin and its alignment with the brand's dedication to sustainability and wildlife protection.


The tactics involved crafting compelling media releases targeting news and lifestyle media outlets. Here are the key elements:

  • Media Release 1: Supporting Conservation - Simply Pure announced their support for the Eastern Whio Link conservation project, emphasising the importance of protecting the endangered Whio (blue duck). This release showcased the company's commitment to conservation and its sustainability values.

  • Media Release 2: Award-Winning Gin - This release celebrated Black Robin Rare Gin's gold win at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge. It highlighted the brand's dedication to sustainability, the significance of the Black Robin bird, and its conservation efforts through charitable donations.


The campaign results hit home:

  • Media Release 1: The campaign generated coverage in reputable outlets, including Exporter Today and The Gisborne Herald. The release effectively raised awareness about Simply Pure's conservation efforts and its partnership with the Eastern Whio Link.

  • Media Release 2: The award-winning Black Robin Rare Gin garnered significant attention across various media outlets. Coverage in NZ Herald VIVA, Canvas Magazine, NZ Home & Garden, the Bay of Plenty Times and the NZME Regional Papers, greatly amplifying Simply Pure's sustainability message with a collective reach of 1.4 million readers. The coverage showcased the brand's commitment to sustainability, its dedication to wildlife protection, and its impact on New Zealand's biodiversity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Simply Pure's campaign not only achieved its initial goals but also contributed to enhancing the brand's reputation as a sustainability champion. 

  • The campaign led to increased visibility and positive public sentiment, strengthening Simply Pure's position in the market. 

  • The company's ongoing commitment to conservation and the environment was seen by existing and potential customer, helping foster loyalty and attract new shoppers.

The media relations campaign for Simply Pure successfully achieved its goals of raising awareness about their conservation initiatives and promoting their award-winning product. The media coverage not only met the objectives but also had a positive effect on the brand's reputation and its mission to practice sustainability and support wildlife protection.

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